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Top 5 Streamers for the North Platte River

Big flies for Big fish Simply put, large trout love a big meal. Mature trout need protein; crayfish, minnows, leeches, mice, and juvenile trout are on the menu. Trout aren’t… Continue reading Top 5 Streamers for the North Platte River

Water Temperatures and Trout

    Water temperatures can play a huge part in a trout’s eating pattern and overall health. Trout are typically a cold freshwater fish and when water temps rise can… Continue reading Water Temperatures and Trout

Wyoming, BLM Reach Settlement

Wyoming, BLM Reach Settlement The Office of the Governor of Wyoming released a statement regarding the BLM’s motion to remand and reevaluate its decision regarding the Marton Ranch Aquisition. “BLM… Continue reading Wyoming, BLM Reach Settlement