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Miracle Mile

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing
Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing
Miracle Mile Fly Fishing
Miracle Mile Fly Fishing
Rugged Granite Mountains

The Miracle Mile is a taiwater associated with a series of reservoirs in central Wyoming. As you float the Mile, which is about 50 miles southwest of Casper, you will enjoy 360 degree views of rugged, granite mountains and clean Wyoming air. The Mile is known for its unmatched scenery, remote setting, and of course the opportunity to chase trophy trout.

Rainbow, Browns, & Cutthroat Trout

The Miracle Mile earned its appellation due to the numbers of trout that local fishermen are in the habit of pulling from her waters. The fish population at the Mile is about a 50/50 split of Rainbows to Browns, and it is worth noting that many trophy trout have been caught in these tailwaters.

The mile draws anglers from far and wide to come fish its waters. This is partially due to the higher than average trout size and partially due to the views that the Mile offers. The stretch of water also tends to have a little more technical fishing. Due to this, if anglers have not done much fly fishing, we typically suggest fishing one day on the Reef before heading out to the Mile. This allows anglers to get their casting and landing skills in order before chasing these coveted trout. The Mile will test your skills as an angler, but the opportunity to add a PR trout under your belt is what keeps anglers coming back time after time. 

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing guides the Miracle Mile Rainbow and Trophy Brown Trout

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing
Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Add to your vacation a fly fishing float, walk wade trip on the Miracle Mile Tailwater

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Float & Walk Wade Fishing Trips

We offer float and walk wade trips on the Mile. Our guides also offer superior knowledge and camping spots and public access points. This is also a great section of water for anglers that enjoy throwing a switch or spey rod for trout.


Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge

The “Mile” is actually about five and half miles of incredible fishing as the North Platte flows into the Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge. Although it is a tailwater, it fishes more like a freestone river. Many anglers draw a comparison to the Madison River when thinking of the Mile. We offer float and walk wade trips on the Mile, great camping opportunities, and good access.

Seasonal Fly Fishing Rates For the Grey Reef

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Rates

Carp Fly Fishing

April thru September - $575/Boat - Full Day

Guided Fly Fishing Trips
(April - October)

Full-day Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Half-day Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Full-day Instructional Fly Fishing

Full Day Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Trip

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  • Lunches are included on full day guided trips only. All terminal tackle and fly fishing gear is included in the price package.
  • Want some additional instruction and training for fly fishing, choose our “Fly Fishing Instruction Trip”. Get some great advice from our professional fly fishing guides.
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Off-season rates
(November - March)

Full-day Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Full-day Instructional Fly Fishing

Full Day Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Trip




CRUSHING IT!! I have had the pleasure of fishing with the Ugly Bug for almost 20 years. This year was my absolute favorite! I was able to finally take my son for his first experience in a Blue Ribbon fishery
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Ian Ferguson

My family and I have been customers of Crazy Rainbow for years. It would take us some time to try and calculate how many fish we have caught with them over the years.
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Kris Kumlien

I've fished with Blake and his crew at the Ugly Bug several times over the years, taking my kids and wife and fishing solo and the experience is always top notch.
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Steve Dunbar

No need to go anywhere else! Fished for two days with two boats, Mike, Tanner and Tyler worked every minute to put us on fish and have a good time.
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Christie D.

Exceptional service and fly fishing experience! My husband and I floated the Grey Reef with Dustin and boated so many fish that I lost count by lunch!
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Myron M

BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! I spent a week in July fishing with Ugly Bug guides Justin, Troy, and Addie (also at the shop) on the North Platte catching rainbows, cutthroats, and browns. I have fly fished most of my adult years, and this was by far the best trip of my life.
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Suzty Q

THE TROUT, THE RIVER, AND LAURIE STROOPE My husband and I booked a trip with Ugly Bug for our 31st anniversary and were thrilled (mostly my husband) to go on this once in a lifetime excursion with their female guide, Addie Dees, on the Platte River.
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D Lynn

UGLY BUGS AND CRAZY LADIES 2021 This is my 3rd outing with the Crazy Ladies and it is so worth it.
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Stanley N

FANTASTIC.... AS ALWAYS!! There are not enough superlatives to describe the benefits that Blake Jackson brings to the North Platte fishing experience:
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Ken Pargett

PROFESSIONALISM OF THE HIGHEST ORDER The Ugly Bug in Casper, WY assigned Dustin White as our guide. The Ugly Bug asked me for my cell number and email address and within 24 hours Dustin texted and called to discuss my goals and expectations.
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    UBCL 101 - Sportsman Fly Fishing

    Join us ladies. Perfect For Beginner Fly Fisher Women

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    Travel the Magic Waters Patagonia, our main and first fly fishing operation in Patagonia, we are always looking for new adventures, and always looking to find new waters for our friends and clients. For long time we were looking at Blanco River. We were wondering about the fishing and mainly about how to set up an operation in this pristine and untouched 30 miles of river. So, between Eduardo Barrueto and Andi Manstein we decided to go forward and start setting up this fantastic dream, that we called The River of Dreams.

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    Travel to the Agua Negra Camp is a remote yet luxurious tent camp/lodge perched on a bluff overlooking the Secure River. Roughly 100 yards away is the small native village of Agua Negra, which makes this camp by far the most culturally rich of the Tsimane experiences. Here anglers will enjoy very comfortable double occupancy safari tents with attached baths as well as the comfort of the main lodge building where drinks and meals are served. The fishing will be done on the main Secure as well as on the Agua Negra River. The Agua Negra is smaller and offers not only big dorado but the region’s most forgiving terrain as well as the greatest diversity of species including large pacu, pira pita and the elusive striped catfish known as surubi.

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