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Magic Waters Patagonia

The River of Dreams

Magic Waters Patagonia, our sole choice of outfitter in this region, is sure to give you an experience like no other. We are always looking to find new waters and outfitters for our friends and clients, and the Magic Waters’ operation is second to none. Owned by Eduardo Barrueto and Andi Manstein, Magic Waters guides a pristine and untouched 30 mile section of the Blanco River that they so fittingly call The River of Dreams.

Between Eduardo Barrueto and Andi Manstein is The River of Dreams

Magic Waters Patagonia

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Magic Waters Patagonia
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Crazy Rainbow Team

We are very proud of our fantastic team of guides at the River of Dreams. Yes, we are a team. We all work together, to try to give our guests the best experience they can have.


Andi Manstein is the host, manager and head guide at the River of Dreams. Andi is a German computer engineer who came to Patagonia almost 20 years ago, and decided to change his city life in Germany, for a peaceful life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 


He and his wife Yvonne found a beautiful and remote piece of land at the end of Caro Lake, where Blanco river starts. They decided to stay and went ahead and built a beautiful house at the lake and started a new life and a family in Patagonia. Between both of them they built everything they needed to live a comfortable life right in heaven. They have 2 beautiful children, Luna and Felix. Andi became a carpenter and fishing guide.

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Crazy Rainbow Fishing Wyoming

Come fish Wyoming with Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Guides. With our private land holdings, and lodging adjacent to Grey Reef you will enjoy exceptional access to the river, freedom to wade fish whenever you like, and most likely be the first fisherman out on the water.



Grey Reef Fly Fishing


If you’re picturing the classic western fly fishing experience; open skies from horizon to horizon, big, wild trout, and plenty of solitude, fly fishing on the Grey Reef tailwaters won’t disappoint.

Tail waters are known as great trout habitat, and the entire North Platte from Grey Reef to 70 miles downstream is first and foremost a trout fishery. The Reef has been managed with flushing flows, and fishing restrictions to produce a thriving trout population and some of the best  trout fishing in the lower US.



Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

 Miracle Mile is a tail water associated with a series of reservoirs in central Wyoming. As you drive out to Miracle Mile, about 50 miles southwest of Casper, you will be enjoying 360-degree views, rugged granite mountains, and clean Wyoming air. This is the place for sportsmen and recreationist to get away from the crowds and experience the West.
Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing | Wyoming's Premiere Fly Fishing Outfitter

Fremon Canyon Fly Fishing


Today, Fremont Canyon provides a spectacular back drop for some of the best trout fishing in the Region. The river is only accessible on foot, so this fly fishing experience is for the angler up for a challenge. Your hard work will be rewarded with big trout that are sure to give you a run.


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Private Waters


 Along with the panoramic views, amazing wild trout fisheries, and no crowds, Crazy Rainbow has unique advantages compared to most fly fishing outfitters in the area. Due to land ownership laws, stream fishing in Wyoming is different from some of our neighbor states. In Wyoming, the land owner owns the stream bottom and public wade fishing, or boat anchoring, adjacent to private land is not allowed.