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Come travel the world with Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Guides. Fishing Anglers of choice to bring you a top-notch fishing experience. Join us as we travel to exotic places around the world. What’s included? A guided fishing trip adventures of a lifetime. Which include some of the most luxurious accommodations. Therefore, be sure to schedule early for guided fishing vacations.  Crazy Rainbow Destination Travels are limited opportunities. As well as each fishing trip is only offered once per year to every other year.

We are pleased to be the Orvis Endorsed Outfitter on the North Platte River. Located outside Casper, Wyoming. As well as working together with The Ugly Bug Fly Shop. Therefore, the Ugly Bug and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing offer sportsmen and women the opportunity to enjoy a first-class fishing experience.

Not to mention that each year Crazy Rainbow guides spend time locating the most exclusive. As well as exciting fishing trips available. Be sure to check regularly for updates and changes to Crazy Rainbow destination travel. Including travel within the United States to various guided fishing destinations. Such as Idaho and Colorado.  Including exotic trips to Mexico and various places. To bring you a fishing experience adventure of a lifetime. 

Christmas Island

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island has long been regarded as one of the premier bonefishing destinations in the world.  Located 1340 miles south of Honolulu and 120 miles north of the equator, Christmas Island has an incredible year-round fishery unaffected by weather and seasons.


Magic Waters Patagonia

At Magic Waters Patagonia, our main and first fly fishing operation in Patagonia. In which, we are always looking for new adventures. As well as always looking to find new waters for our friends and clients. Therefore, we spent a long time studying the Blanco River. We were wondering about the fishing. As well as how to set up an operation. In this pristine and untouched 30 miles of river. So, between Eduardo Barrueto and Andi Manstein. We decided to go forward. Setting up this fantastic dream, that we call “The River of Dreams”.


The Agua Negra Camp is a remote yet luxurious tent camp/lodge. Which is perched on a bluff overlooking the Secure River. As well as roughly 100 yards away is the small native village of Agua Negra. Which makes this camp by far the most culturally rich of the Tsimane experiences.

Here anglers enjoy very comfortable double occupancy safari tents. As well as each tent has attached baths. Including the comfort of the main lodge building. Where drinks and meals are served.


Choose any one of Crazy Rainbow Fishing Destination Travel. For a guided fishing vacation of a lifetime. Whether you choose Ascension Bay, Bolivia, or Magic Waters. You will begin a lifetime adventure fishing around the world. As well as choose our local fly-fishing expeditions right here in the United States. In the beautiful state of Wyoming with the Crazy Rainbow Advantage.



Christmas Island Lodge

Christmas (Kiritimati) Island has long been regarded as one of the premier bonefishing destinations in the world.




Pristine and untouched 30 miles of river between Eduardo Barrueto and Andi Manstein. “River of Dreams”




The Agua Negra Camp is a remote yet luxurious tent camp/lodge perched on a bluff overlooking the Secure River.