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Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and Ugly Bug Fly Shop provide the best Fly Fishing Courses and Fly Tying Workshops in Casper, Wyoming. Where Men and Women learn how to cast, tie flies, and fly fish in some of the most world renowned blue ribbon fisheries. Find your current fly fishing events and hands on educational classes in Wyoming. As well as bringing you world wide destination fishing travel adventures. Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing is your fishing adventures with professional and qualified guides ready to start your next adventure.


July & August


UBCL 101 - Sportsman Fly Fishing

Perfect For Beginner Fly Fisher Women




UBCL 201 - Advanced Fly Fishing

Course is designed to ‘up the ante’ when it comes to being self-sufficient on the water.




UBCL 301 - Advanced Fly Fishing

Course for Women to learn independence and salt water fly fishing.

Fly Fishing Instruction

Professional Guides

Hands-On-Fly-Fishing Courses

Fly fishing courses and fly tying workshops ready to equip you. We are passionate about fly fishing and passing that tradition along to new fly fishermen and women. Each course is taught by Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Guides. Brought to you by Ugly Bug Fly Shop. Bringing top-notch education to the fly fishing angler world.

Ugly Bug and Crazy Ladies Education

Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies is an annual event catering specifically to women in the sport of fly fishing. Inspired by the Orvis 50/50 campaign, we wanted to give women some options for learning how to fish in an environment that mitigates an often-intimidating skill to learn. With our education courses you will be fly fishing in no time. 

Through this progressive program, we have made the sport of fly fishing more accessible and comfortable for all women. Did we mention this all takes place on the famous Grey Reef section of the North Platte River? That’s right! Learn to cast, tie knots and flies, read water, get familiar with entomology, wade fish, and then guided during peak season. Choose the class that best suits your experience level, and we will take care of the rest!


Scheduled Fly Fishing Courses

First come first serve. Spots are filling quick, call the shop to book your spot!  More dates listed below. Choose your dates and the fly fishing training experience that fits you.

Professional Angler's with more than 25 Years of Experience Ready to Train

fly fishing- Education

Men’s Fly Fishing Course

Our men’s course is perfect for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to get into the sport of fly fishing, or looking to elevate your current skills, our men’s fly fishing course will meet you where you are and get you where you would like to be. Our course is designed as a three part event.


Men’s Fly Fishing Class

Fly Tying Instructions -Education
Fly Tying Instructions - Education
Learn The Art and Science of Tying Flies

Fly Tying Workshop

Ugly Bug Fly Shop Fly Tying Workshop is for the beginner to the advanced fly fisherman. Fly tying requires a combination of skill and knowledge about entomology, ecology, and fish behavior. Tying flies is a hobby that provides unlimited enjoyment in developing those skills and knowledge and enhances the overall experience of fly fishing. 

Winter Fly Tying - Thursdays 

When the weather gets colder, the fly tying heats up. From January through March, come join our guide staff and shop crew as we tie up flies at our fly tying workshop for the upcoming season! Fly tying nights take place every Thursday starting at 6 pm and are free to the public. Crazy Rainbow provides top-notch fly tying education to the community. All skill levels are welcome to come hang out, tie flies, and pick the brains of our staff. Most nights are open tying, while some nights we pick a theme and do a quick tying instruction on our pattern of choice! With that being said, all fly tying nights are a bang up time. 

If you have your own vice and tools, feel free to bring them. If not, no worries, we’ve got you covered! It is our pleasure to share the art of fly tying with anyone who is interested. Furthermore, fly tying materials will be available for purchase in the shop during the event, and our staff can help point you in the right direction for whatever you would like to tie. All Fly Tying Thursdays are BYOB. So grab a beer, grab a buddy, and head on down to the Bug.