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UBCL 301 - Advanced Fly Fishing

Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies

Advanced Women Sport Fly Fishing

UBCL 301 – Advanced Fly Fishing Course for independence and salt water fly fishing is the next natural progression from the UBCL 102 – Beginners Fly Fishing to the UBCL 201 – Advanced Fly Fishing for women.

Independent Fly Fishing to Salt Water Practices and Techniques

UBCL 301 is brought to you by Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and the Ugly Bug Fly ShopIn this course we further highlight skills to fish independently, as well as begin to introduce saltwater fly fishing practices and techniques. This is the perfect elevation and natural progression for our 101 and 201 events.

Day 1 - Saltwater Patterns & Casting

Day one we will spend the morning tying carp specific patterns, which also tend to go hand in hand with some saltwater patterns. From there we will head out to Alcova and dive into the world of saltwater casting: increased distance, increased accuracy,quick response time, strip sets, as well as fly line management.

Day 2 - Day Float Trip

The next morning we will meet out at the lodge before we head out to the Miracle Mile for a full day float trip. We will use this time to fish a more technical stretch of water than we typically fish during our events.

Day 3 - Rocky Mountain Flats Fishing

The final day is where the magic really happens in the form of Rocky Mountain flats fishing. We will meet at the lodge before heading out to Pathfinder Reservoir to chase carp on the fly. We run our Carp trips just as most saltwater flats fishing trips are run. We will be fishing off of flats boats in minimal water, or wading on the flats of the reservoir, while sight casting at tailing Carp. This is where we are able to put the saltwater technique to use. This is the closest you can get to saltwater fly fishing without the travel commitment. Carp are a fun and challenging species to chase, and are the perfect introduction to the world of saltwater. This course is the prerequisite to our Ugly Bug Crazy Ladies 301 part 2, which are our women’s specific salt water destination trips.

Course designed for INDEPENDENCE and Salt Water Fly Fishing

Female Fishing - Education Advanced Fly Fishing

Arrival Day 1

    • 6:00-6:30pm Introductions and Cocktails
    • 6:30-8:00pm Entomology Course

Day 2

  • 9:30am Meet at Crazy Rainbow Lodge
  • 10:00am Drive to Grey Reef Ranch
  • 10:30am Roll casting, double hauling, distance casting (wind vs no wind) 
  • 11:30 am Stillwater Run down exploring dry fly, nymph, and streamer fishing
  • 12:00pm Streamer set up for still and moving water
  • 1:00pm Break for Shore Lunch (included)
  • 1:45pm Break out into groups and walk to the river for wading safety. Next- learning to find fish, how to approach and read the water, landing fish, handling fish, photo opps, and fish release
  • 2:30-430pm Wade fish private ranch access exclusive to UBCL participants

Day 3

  • 7:30am-4:30pm Full day guided fly fishing with Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing’s professional guides

Requirements: fishing license, waders, wading boots, be ready for all weather conditions

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UBCL 101 - Sportsman Fly Fishing

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