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Tony English is a Wyoming Native who grew up hunting and fishing the banks of the lower North Platte in Torrington, WY. With a fly rod in hand at only five years old, he’s had many years to master his craft. Tony credits his father for the early introduction to fly fishing- just one of Tony’s many outdoor skills. And as only a few do, Tony has found a way to turn his affinity for outdoor recreation into (more than) a means of income. Tony is a Orvis Endorsed Fishing Guide


Oliver Ashenhurst is a born and bread, Platte County, Wyoming native. He is a long standing guide of the North Platte River. Outside of being a fishing guide, Oliver is also a rancher. He enjoys traveling, music, food, and exercising on his at home rowing machine.

Tanner Christensen was born in Bozeman, Montana. Tanner grew up fishing and hunting much of the Gallatin County area. Shortly after moving to Casper, Wyoming as a young teen, Tanner found himself spending much of his time fishing the high altitude back country in the Cowboy state. Tanner served a five-year term in the United States Navy, after which he returned to Casper and found his passion for fly fishing once again. Tanner continues to share his love for fishing with his friends, family, and enjoys guiding others in this peaceful, exciting sport.


Rob Barnosky grew up in western Montana fishing rivers such as the Ruby and Jefferson, before finding his favorite waters in Wyoming. He now guides each day on the Gray Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont canyon, and the Big Horn. He has a gift forgetting to know people. Working in Wyoming’s beautiful outdoors and sharing his love of fishing attracted him to work as a guide. Rob prides himself on being hard working, patient, and focused on your experience.


Devin Burton was born and raised Casper native. He’s been fly fishing the North Platte since he was 7 years old. His grandfather used to guide on the Platte back in the 80’s and 90’s. Hunting and fishing are his passion.

Meet Our Staff

Phil Schroeder is a Casper native, who loves the natural world. He is a friendly, and patient teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Phil has fished and played on the North Platte since he was a kid. He considers himself very lucky to have grown up in Casper. When he isn’t fishing, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and family. Phil is an Orvis Endorsed Fishing Guide

Meet our Staff

Jon was born and raised in Casper, WY. He spends his summers in Casper and winters in Jackson, WY. He grew up living on the North Platte river, and he was able to learn how to fly fish at a very young age. His passion for fly fishing, desire to teach others about fishing, and patience is what makes him want his clients to succeed regardless of their fishing skill level and experience. He loves spending time in the outdoors. When he is not fly fishing, he likes to camp, hunt, and ski.

Meet our Staff

Tyler is a Wyoming native, born in Casper and made for the water. He has guided the North Platte and Bighorn for the past seven years as he worked his way through school. He received a bachelors from the University of Wyoming and went on to Denver Seminary to pursue a Masters of Divinity in Leadership. He continues to study but is now a full-time guide. On his off days, Tyler chooses to spend his time with his wife Audrey, hiking, mountain biking, or just hanging out. They both love sports and have no qualms laying up on Sundays to cheer on the Broncos or the Rockies, or head out to the golf course and play 18 holes.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Dustin had a rod in his hand soon after he started walking. He spent much of his childhood and adolescence fishing for muskie, pike, and bass on his family’s lake property. Any and all family trips were spent on the water chasing numerous species of fish in both freshwater and saltwater. However, Dustin’s favorite form of angling has and will always be targeting Trout and Steelhead on the fly. Dustin spends his winters guiding for Steelhead on the tributaries of Lake Erie. Dustin is a graduate of Sweetwater Travel Guide School, and he is a proud pro-staff member of a number of the industry’s top manufacturers. He is also the cofounder and director of “Nimi on the Fly,” a nonprofit charity that seeks to promote character building, enrichment, and conservation with youth the sport of fly fishing.

KODY LUCKOW Fishing Guide - Meet Our Staff

Kody was born and raised here in Casper, WY. Growing up, he had not only a passion for fly fishing, but baseball as well. He played ball for 13 years before deciding to take his career further and played a year in the small town of Glendive, MT at Dawson Community College. His passion for fishing eventually led him right back to Casper at the age of 19 when he started his guiding career. He grew up fishing in the Absaroka Mountain range outside of Cody, WY fishing small creeks and lakes, and of course enjoying the Platte in his backyard.

Raised in Glenrock Wy, he has spent all of his youth and adult life fishing the North Platte. He is very lucky to have it flow through his home town and back yard. Troy spends all of his free time in the outdoors fishing, hunting, scouting, and raising his son. He is laid back, patient, hard working, and an avid conservationist. Troy wants his clients to end the day happy and knowing that he gave it his all on the river to better their experience. Troy hopes his anglers come out of it with new knowledge of the place that he calls home.

Troy Pinkerton

Head Guide

CALEB OGG Fishing Guide - Meet Our Staff

Caleb Ogg was born and raised in Riverton, Wyoming. A majority of his youth fishing adventures took place on small lakes in the Wind River Mountain Range. After high school he went onto play soccer at Sheridan College. Shortly after he moved to Casper, Wyoming and began fishing the North Platte. He became a Railroad Conductor for BNSF Railway, but always found himself obsessing over being outdoors and fishing. He then decided to become a fly fishing guide and hasn’t regretted his decision since. His goal is to make sure that his clients had a great time in his boat by the end of the day. Caleb is an Orvis Endorsed Fishing Guide

Caleb Ogg


Mike Graham is 4th generation Wyomingite. Mike was born in Laramie, Wyoming and grew up learning to love all things outdoors. He a family man, raising a daughter and three sons right here in Casper. Mike's granddad and dad taught him the art of fly fishing when he was young; he knew almost immediately that this would be a sport he would play for the rest of my life. To Mikey, there is nothing better than passing on his passion for fly fishing.

ADAM PENNINGTON Fishing Guide - Meet Our Staff

Adam Pennington has spent time guiding in Missouri, Idaho, and Alaska, before settling on Wyoming’s local rivers. Adam is also a proficient fly tier who enjoys teaching the art of fly tying and teaching people about the bugs we encounter on the river and how to match them with flies. There’s nothing cooler than catching a fish on a fly you tied. Adam loves being able to build a relationship with his guests on the river.

Jake Sabus Casper's Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Guide

Jake Sabus is originally from Boise, ID. After moving to Casper in 2005, he began his career with the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing in 2007. When Jake is not on the water, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and kids. Jake's favorite part of guiding is helping anglers master their craft as well as helping trout make bad decisions.

Jake Sabus



Josh Stevens is a Wyoming native who has been guiding the North Platte since the day he got his drivers license. If he’s not out on the river you can find him with his dog Scout, being the fun uncle to his nieces and nephews or with a camera in his hand.

Josh Stevens



From the time Fish was a little kid, his grandpa always had time to take him fly fishing. This started his passion for the sport at a very young age. Fish has specifically spent a lot of time learning the art of still water fly fishing, and he enjoys finding new lakes and ponds to give a try. He moved to Casper four years ago and has never turned back. In the words of Fish, "Cast it forward."

Ryan was born and raised right here in Casper, WY. He has been fishing the North Platte since he was 12 years old and decided to turn his love for this river into a career not long after. Not only will you catch Ryan on the river, but you may also find him camping on the local mountain or enjoying time at the local golf course. Ryan also enjoys salt water fly fishing noting his favorite salt water species to chase are Tarpon.

Ryan McMullen


Kenny was born and raised in Casper, WY. He spent a productive (and awesome) five years at the University of Wyoming, and enjoyed short stints in both Colorado and Washington D.C. before returning to the Equality State. Kenny learned to fly fish as a youngster under the guidance of his father and grandfather and continues to develop his passion for fly fishing on the beautiful waterways of Wyoming and the west.

Nate Edwards Fly Fishing Guide - Meet Our Staff

Nate was born and raised right here in Casper, WY. Nate grew up fishing the river and was introduced to fly fishing from two of his best friends in his early high school career. It is Joe Scott and Beau Covert he can thank for getting him stuck on fly fishing. When Nate is not on the water, he spends his week days as an Optometrist. Nate is passionate about teaching others how to fly fish as this sport is his escape, and aims to provide experience that leaves people feeling the same peace as he experiences on the water.

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Mark was born and raised in West Virginia. Being a fishing guide for over 15 years now, he has guided all over the country for a little bit of everything. From East coast to West coast and any species from trout to musky, Mark has done it all. In his free time, Mark enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, and white water rafting with his two kids Gunnison and Madison. Mark is a patient, laid back guide who's goal is to catch fish and have a great time.

Mark McKinney


Andy Brust is a Casper native. He is one of the longest standing guides on this river, fishing the North Platte for over 35 years and becoming a Pro Guide in 2008. Andy also enjoys tying flies in his free time- specifically streamers. Outside of fishing, Andy enjoys big game hunting and bird hunting his way around Wyoming. Most importantly, Andy enjoys spending time with his kids and his wife of 22 years.

Andy Brust


Assistant Manger, Brown Trout, Meet our staff, Team, Ugly Bug Fly shop

CiCi Oliver was born and raised in Omaha, NE. Growing up, she spent a lot of time fly fishing out west with her family. She decided to attend Utah State University to pursue a degree in Environmental Sciences. While in Utah, she heard about the Ugly Bug Fly Shop. After three summers of working at the Bug through school, she made the final jump to Casper and took a full time position at the shop after graduation.

Cici Oliver

Assistant Manager

Fishing Report 10/16/23 Crazy Rainbow Fishing report. Miracle Mile Grey Reef Bighorn River

Mikayla Patterson was born and raised in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. She is best known for being a die hard dog mom to Covi and Gus. She decided to make the jump to Wyoming in 2022 to work for a smaller fly fishing operation in the area. She made fast friends at the Ugly Bug and had no hesitation when Blake offered her a spot on the crew.

Mikayla Patterson

Sales Associate

Nathan Trujillo is a passionate fly fisherman, whose love for the sport has been deeply ingrained since a young age. With an unwavering connection to nature, he finds joy in the great outdoors, considering it his ultimate happy place. Nathan's unyielding enthusiasm for fly fishing drives him to spend as much time as possible outside, embracing every opportunity to cast his line and immerse himself in nature's wonders.Throughout the years, Nathan has dedicated himself to mastering the art of fly fishing, honing his skills and knowledge with relentless determination. He channels his creativity into creating captivating artwork that captures the inherent beauty of the fish he encounters.

Nathan Trujillo

Sales Associate / Media and Marketing


As true lover of nature, Seth loves to spend time outside, and getting to spend the time fishing makes it all the better. Seth grew up with a father who loved all things fly fishing. That same love for the water, bugs, and fish quickly became a part of Seth’s life. He finds himself simply loving the chase. From catching the exciting big hogs on the river to the small mountain brookies in the creek and everything in between, Seth enjoys the art it is to land a great cast. Here at Ugly Bug Fly Shop, Seth is happy to help you find the fly you’re looking for, or just listen about your newest adventure.

Seth Frederick

Sales Associate

Casper fishing report

Corbin Kirk was born and raised right here in Casper, WY. Corbin has fished the North Platte, as well as most of Wyoming, since the day he could hold a fly rod. He likes to spend his free time golfing, thrifting, tying flies, and fishing with his wife- Saaj. When Corbin is not in the shop, you can find him in Wayne, NE where he is a left handed pitcher for the Wayne State Wildcats baseball team.

Corbin Kirk

Sales Associate


Allie was born and raised in Casper, WY and and grew up in a family of avid anglers. She is a seasonal worker who enjoys running, traveling, outdoor recreation, and scholarship. Allie plans on acquiring a B.A. in Psychology in order to pursue her hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.

Allie Hart

Sales Associate

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Blake Jackson is a co owner and VP of the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and Wing Shooting, the 2014 Orvis outfitter of the year. Blake was raised in Glenrock Wyoming and was introduced to the sport of fishing by family at a very young age. It didn’t take long for him to realize that fishing was more than a hobby; it was a passion that he wished to share with others. Blake started his guiding career in Bozeman Montana working legendary fisheries such as the Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, Missouri and Big Horn Rivers.

Blake Jackson

Co-Owner & VP

Laurie Stroope Lodge Manager - Meet Our Staff

Laurie has proudly served our guests with the utmost hospitality for nearly a decade. She is a dedicated team member who strives daily to deliver the highest quality customer service and food to every client walking through our doors. With Southern roots, Laurie has a flare for creative cooking and demonstrates that with every dish put on the table. Her attention to detail, as it relates to the needs of Crazy Rainbow clients, well let’s just say it keeps them coming back for more.

Laurie Stroope

Lodge Manager

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