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Crazy Rainbow Fishing Report


Crazy Rainbow Fishing Report

Crazy Rainbow Fishing Report 6/03/24

Grey Reef: 6/03/24

Flows-  2,592  CFS

Fishing Report  ~ 

Fishing on the Reef has been productive we have seen quite a few browns being pulled to the boat which is a treat to see. With rising temperatures hatches are happening more frequently so keep an eye out. We have been seeing a ton of activity when it comes to BWO’s. For patterns using olive and BWO coloration fly patterns have been working great. Focus on using Size 18 BWO Mayhem’s, BWO CDC case emergers, BWO bat wings, Black Mayhem’s, darker black and olive baetis patterns. Leeches brown, natural, and black have been working great as well as rock worms in the smaller size ranges. We are also starting to see some action with PMD’s with some patterns beginning to work. Caddis are now beginning to show up as well with the warmer weather! Try using similar patterns to your BWO flies in their PMD Variation.


Miracle Mile: 6/03/24

Flows-  2,597 CFS

Fishing Report ~

Fishing on the mile has been doing great this past week! Road conditions have been good especially with the upcoming warm weather. Fishing has been more productive on the drift boat versus wading but still fair if you are planning on wading. Very similar patterns and bugs as the Reef are doing well on the mile caddis and PMD’s are also starting to pop up. Leeches and worm patterns having been producing the most fish to the boat so be sure to have an assortment of these on your rig.


Fremont Canyon: 6/03/24

Flows- 421 CFS

Fishing Report ~

With recent rises in CFS Fremont is becoming slightly harder to fish. Spots that have been accesible before might be harder to get to and watch out for very fast moving water in certain/tight areas of the canyon! Fishing is still active just be careful of changing conditions. We have also heard reports of quite a few rattlesnakes so be mindful when hiking around. Tan/black leeches have been most productive on the nymph rig. Rock worms are also working well and an assortment of midge patterns. Stick with your BWO color patterns when it comes to bugs. If you are debating on what parts to fish the faster sections of water seem to be fishing the best!


The Big Horn: 6/03/24

Flows- 1,794 CFS

Fishing Report ~

The Big Horn has been fishing well with cleaner water conditions.Streamers are doing well so look at using white/flashy or olive/flashy streamers such as the Rusty Trombone/Articulated Goldie, Laser Legal/Barely Legal patterns. For nymphs look at HH and regular sowbugs, duracell’s, and BWO patterns and colors. Small midges in the size 20 range have been doing well also!

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