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Grey Reef River Flows

Grey Reef Fly Fishing
Grey Reef Stream Flows
Grey Reef River Flows
Grey Reef Fly Fishing

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Grey Reef River Flows aka the North Platte River shared by Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and Proud to have been branded the Orvis Endorsed Outfitter on the North Platte River, our fly fishing guides at Crazy Rainbow are the ideal combination of expert reputation and camaraderie. Our fly fishing guides love what they do, and they are passionate about getting you onto the good fishing. Review our guided fly fishing day trip rates. Crazy Rainbow also, offers great lodging opportunities with our fly fishing vacation packages. As well as shop our online home of the Ugly Bug Fly Shop.

Check back regularly for updated Grey Reef River Flows. Why Fly Grey Reef? If you’re picturing the classic western fly fishing experience; open skies from horizon to horizon, big, wild trout, and plenty of solitude, fly fishing on the Grey Reef tailwaters won’t disappoint.

Tail waters are known as great trout habitat, and the entire North Platte from Grey Reef to 70 miles downstream is first and foremost a trout fishery. The Reef has been managed with flushing flows, and fishing restrictions to produce a thriving trout population and some of the best  trout fishing in the lower US.

Crazy Rainbow Guides the Grey Reef Tail Waters Known for great trout habitat

Fly Fishing -Grey Reef River Flows

Grey Reef Tail Waters enjoy 9,000 fish per square mile; Great Rainbow Trout Habitat

Fly Fishing -Grey Reef River Flows
Private Access

With our private land holdings, and lodging adjacent to Grey Reef you will enjoy exceptional access to the river, freedom to wade fish whenever you like, and most likely be the first fisherman out on the water.

Rainbows make up over 90% of the fish at the Reef. With over 9,000 fish per mile in 2013, the potential for hooking a ten pound fish is high.  Grey Reef is known for its easy going nature and the versatility to support all levels of expertise. It’s a very easy river for a beginner, but  can be challenging for an angler looking to dry fly fish, nymph fish, or streamer fish for large trout.

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Welcome to Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and the online home of the Ugly Bug Fly Shop. We invite you to come to the North Platte River in Wyoming for your next fly fishing vacation. Fish with us!




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