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Top 5 Streamers for the North Platte River


Top 5 Streamers for the North Platte River

Big flies for

Simply put, large trout love a big meal. Mature trout need protein; crayfish, minnows, leeches, mice, and juvenile trout are on the menu. Trout aren’t necessarily eating strictly out of hunger alone, though. Trout will often eat a streamer just by instinctual reaction, or even as a territorial response. Anglers aim to imitate these forage species, and while the specific pattern is not incredibly important, the action, profile and color are. Here are Ugly Bug Fly Shop’s Top 5 Streamer patterns:

1. Rusty Trombone, Articulated Goldie

The “Trusty Rusty” is by far the most popular streamer on the North Platte, and it’s cousin, the Articulated Goldie, is a close second. We group the Rusty Trombone and the Articulated Goldie together because they are essentially the same pattern in different colors. Their realistic movement coupled with just the right amount of flash attracts trout like no other. These patterns are effective when stripped, swung and even dead-drifted. If you are considering streamer fishing on the Platte, these are essential patterns to have. Articulated Goldies are available in size #4, and Rusty’s are available in sizes #4 and #8.

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Rusty Trombone:

Articulated Goldie:

2. Ditch Witch

When it comes to no-nonsense articulated streamers, the Ditch Witch takes the cake. Invented by Blake Jackson for the North Platte, this fly is a staple in local streamer boxes. Marabou, Polar Chenille and a Craft Fur brush combined with the sticky sharp Gamakatsu B10S hook not only attracts big trout, but makes sure they stay pinned. Try swinging or stripping this flashy fish magnet. Ditch Witches are offered in four colors in sizes #2 and #6.


 Grab yours today in shop or with the following link to our online store!

Ditch Witch:

3. Thin Mint

Thin Mint Buggers are the shapeshifters of streamer patterns. When submerged, this pattern can imitate a baitfish, crayfish, or even a leech. This makes it an excellent prospecting fly when there are a lot of choices on a trout’s menu. Made with either a tungsten bead or a cone head, these flies sink fast and stay deep. The thin mint bugger is available in sizes #4 through #12, and an articulated version in size #4.

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Thin Mint:

4. Peanut Envy

Kelly Galloup knows a thing or two about how trout react to streamers, and his Peanut Envy pattern lives up to the hype. This articulated pattern has a long, slender profile made out of marabou and rubber legs that imitates leeches and baitfish with undulating precision.Try fishing this fly with a jerk-strip retrieve on a loop knot to allow maximum movement. Swinging this fly is also very effective, especially when combined with some short pops and strips. We stock the Peanut Envy in two sizes and six colors.

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Peanut Envy:

5. Silver Minnow Bugger

North Platte Rainbows love small, flashy streamers, and Gaviglio’s Silver Minnow Bugger fits the bill perfectly. This is another staple streamer in North Platte fly boxes for it is a productive pattern all year round, but especially sought after in the early spring and late fall.  A silver tungsten cone gives this fly an added jiggy action and shoots it deep in the water column. This streamer fishes well stripped, swung and dead drifted. The Silver Minnow Bugger is available in sizes #4 to #10 as well as in an articulated version.

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Silver Minnow Bugger:

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