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Fishing Tips for Success


Fishing Tips for Success

Fly fishing is a captivating and rewarding outdoor activity that allows you to connect with nature while honing your angling skills. For newcomers, the world of fly fishing might seem overwhelming at first, but fear not! This guide is here to help you navigate the waters and set you on the path to becoming a proficient fly angler. Here are a few tips to help you start your journey and learn!


In the game of fly fishing, knowing your bugs is crucial. When hitting the river or any fishable water it is beneficial to flip over a few rocks and observe the bug life around you. This will help in setting you up for success by knowing what bugs the fish might be eating. Packing a puck or two and filling it with some bugs to match the flies in your box will help in giving you a great start. This can be especially beneficial when visiting waters you might be unfamiliar with. A great example is the above photos and the fly that was matched and used to catch fish.  


Becoming proficient in casting a fly line is another beneficial skill to lock in if you are planning to hit the water. We recommend starting out by practicing in a large field with low winds to start and build up casting skills. Presentation is everything when it comes to catching fish while flyfishing and a good cast is essential in starting that. After you feel proficient in a regular cast, focusing on a roll cast is next. This is an essential cast that you will use quite often during your fly fishing adventures. This cast can be used to help get your line to spots where large casts might not be possible. Here are a few videos to get you started down below!     

ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – The Basic Fly Cast

 ORVIS – Fly Casting Lessons – Making An Accurate Roll Cast

Ugly Bug Guides Fly Box

Improving Your Drift

Having a solid drift plays a huge part in presenting bugs to fish. If not done correctly any line you have on the water can drag and cause unnatural movement of your fly. A natural drift is what gives your fly’s the realistic presentation that real bugs in the water do when floating past fish. 


  To achieve a natural drift there are a few things you can do. This includes mending and fly rod/ arm extending. Mending is when you position your fly line with a smooth upward motion of your rod lifting the line out of the water that may be dragging in a faster section of current. Shoot for moving it typically upstream or the opposite direction of the current. Mending at the end of your cast in the air and while on the water  will help to create a drag free presentation that you should shoot for. Be careful to not mend to much or late as this can aggressively move your flies spooking fish. The goal is shooting for an immediate mend at the beginning of your drift to set up your flies perfectly.  

Next is extending your arm and fly rod to help in lifting line above sections of current that may be to difficult to mend against. It is sometimes a thought that the fly line must be on the water at all times which is not the case. If anything the less you have on the water the better your drift will be. In smaller water high-sticking  and having no line touching can be very beneficial. 

Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing is honored to be your go to fly shop and guide service in Casper, Wyoming. We offer guided fly fishing trips, lodging accommodations, educational courses, as well as the best advice in the west. Stop in the store or find us online! We offer free shipping on all online orders over $50. 

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