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The North Platte River is by and large a nymph fisherman’s paradise. Some have even called it the “Nymph University”, but we have a hidden secret; awesome summer dry fly fishing. The month of August brings some slow days, but for those anglers willing to put in the time and patience it can also make for some incredible days (or rather mornings and evenings).

Timing is key. In the heat of high-summer trout don’t want to rise when the mercury soars. You have to be willing to be up and on the river early. This may mean leaving well before sun-up to be on the river at that

Fishing Update June 21, 2017

magic moment of dawn. Our Wyoming winds are usually at their calmest at this time and the trout will be rising.

The North Platte at this time of year offers quite the bounty of insects that trout love to rise to including Tricos, PMD’s, Caddis and Hoppers. Tricos and PMD’s will be most prevalent in the mornings, and as the day progresses hoppers get blown onto the water in a veritable conveyor belt of easy trout snacks. The evenings end with caddis popping and skittering across the water with hungry trout eagerly snapping at them.

Tactic and Gear.Dry fly fishing on the Platte is not very technical, and the fish are not tippet shy. Anglers should fish the largest tippet they can


the fish are not tippet shy. Anglers should fish the largest tippet they can get away with in an effort to land and release fish as quickly as possible. Good liquid or gel floatant in combination with a good powdered desiccant is a must to keep flies riding high, especially after landing a fish or when your flies get soaked.

Tricos are tiny, dark mayflies that spin in the morning (mate and  then fall to the water). To imitate these bugs, small dry flies, in the range of size 18- 22 fished on 4-5x tippet do a great job of bringing fish to the net. These tiny flies can be a pain-in-the-you-know-what to see on the water and land our Crazy Rainbows on, but they are worth the attention of both wading anglers and those anglers fishing from a drift boat. Look for them on calm, slick water and expect pods of fish to be rising to them. These fish can be a little bit spooky, but on a good morning you will have no shortage of targets. Keep your eyes peeled for PMD’s in these same areas as well.

Hoppers are out in force, and while fish can be taken on hoppers all day long, mid-morning and  late afternoon have been the most productive times for this exciting dry fly fishing. Hopper eats are often violent, and it 


is easy to miss the hookset. Make sure to give the fish to turn back towards the river bottom by saying the phrase “God Save the Queen” before setting the hook, a good all-around dry fly tip. The fish seem to have been keying in on a specific size and color of hopper, so having a well-stocked hopper box with several sizes, body styles, and colors of your favorite hopper patterns is a MUST. Hoppers can be fished on short, stout leaders and tippet in the 7.5′ and 2-3x range. This aids in both casting these wind-resistant flies and minimizing line twist. Hopper eaters can be found throughout the river, but grassy banks are a good spot to concentrate, casting close to the edges and  “pounding the banks”.

Caddis are often most prevalent in the evenings, often right around sunset. Dead drifting caddis dry flies and emergers can be effective, but also try “skating” or “skittering” caddis dries over rising fish, and be ready for violent eats. Size 12-16 caddis are most common on our river, and can generally be fished on 3-4x tippet. Caddis are everywhere, and a good spot to look is below heavy riffles and broken water where the water slows and trout sit in ambush.

Come stop by the shop and we will help set you up with everything you need to go out and chase some risers!

Quote of the day:

“I frankly don’t make much of a living, but I make a hell of a life.”

-Jack Gartside

Tight Lines, and happy fishing.

-The Ugly Bug Crew.


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