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North Platte



(Government Bridge to Glenrock)
River Level/Conditions: 5,000 CFS Slightly off color
Hatches: Midges, Baetis
Forecast: Call for Fishing Forecast

The stretch of river from Government Bridge to Sechrist is slightly off color.   Feel free to call the shop for your most up to date reports.

(307) 234-6905.

Locally Effective Fly Patterns:

Rock worm 12-18 (red)– Pine Squirrel Leech 10 (brown, black) – Mohair Leech 10 (black, Canadian brown)- Scuds 12-16 (olive/gray, orange, gray/purple)-Hunchback Scud 12-14 (orange, olive/red, tan)- Mini Sculpin 10 (burnt orange, black, natural) – Tailwater Tiny 18-22 (black, olive)- Not So Much Midge 20 (black, olive)- Little Thing 20 (black, olive)- Zebra Midge 20 (red, black)- V-Wing Emerger (black, gray) 20-22 – Miracle Midge 20 – Black Beauty 20 – Trout Crack 20 – Chocolate Emerger 20-22 – Barr’s Midge Larva (tan, black, olive) 20,22

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