crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Well we received a pretty substantial rain storm last night that had everyone on edge as there were many flash flood warnings.  Given the situation we certainly welcomed the much needed moisture.  Unfortunately this has caused the lower parts of the river to be rather muddy.  This should clear fairly quick with the warmer temps today.

As far as the fishing is concerned we are still seeing some great hatches of tricos in the morning followed by large PMD’s along with some sally activity but that appears to be slowing down.  Luckily the caddis are really starting to show in the evenings.  We have been running nymph rigs from 2-6ft with a BB or AB weight with poxybacks, split case pmd’s, cdc pmds along with some caddis pupae in olive and tan.  Hopper dropper rigs with pmd stuff along with crawdads have also been working as well.