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Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies 2023

Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies 2023

Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies

Women’s Specific Fly Fishing Courses

Hosted by Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing

Ugly Bugs and Cry Ladies 2023

We are excited to announce the dates for this year’s Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies events! Ugly Bugs and Crazy Ladies was started back in 2020 by Addie Dees and CiCi Oliver in an effort to encourage more women to get out on the water.  This progressive course is perfect for any women looking to get into the sport of fly fishing, looking to fine tune their skills, or just looking to hang out with a cool group of gals! We offer three different levels of courses: a 101, 201, and 301. Each course naturally progresses into the other.

UBCL 101

The 101 is the perfect entry level course. This intro level course spans over two evenings and one full day. To begin, evening one we will grab rods and head out for a casting course. If you already know the basics of the cast, we introduce a double hall into the mix! From there, we head back to the fly shop and talk proper fish handling.  For evening number two, we sit down at the vises to tie some flies. We end the evening with a crash course on entomology. From there, we wake up Saturday morning for a full day float trip with our professional guide staff on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte.

UBCL 201

The 201 is great for ladies who are looking to learn to fish more independently. Evening one we sit down and tie some more advanced patterns. From there, we do a full, in-depth entomology course. Day two we head out to the lodge in the morning and cover the need to know knots, rigging, and hatch matching/fly selection. In the afternoon we head over to our private river property to work on reading water and wade fishing. Day three we hit the river for a full day float trip.

UBCL 301

This will be our first year of offering a 301! The 301 is more of an introduction to salt water fishing. Day one we will work on tying some salt water specific patters.  From there we will head out to Pathfinder Reservoir and dive into the world of saltwater casting: increased distance, increased accuracy, quick response time, strip sets, as well as fly line management. The next morning we will meet out at the lodge before we head out to the Miracle Mile for a full day float trip. We will use this time to fish a more technical stretch of water than we typically fish during our events. The final day is where the magic really happens in the form of Rocky Mountain flats fishing. We will meet at the lodge before heading back out to Pathfinder to chase carp on the fly.

We run our Carp trips just as most saltwater flats fishing trips are run. We will be fishing off of flats boats in minimal water, or wading on the flats of the reservoir, while sight casting at tailing Carp. This is where we are able to put the saltwater technique to use. This is the closest you can get to saltwater fly fishing without the travel commitment. Carp are a fun and challenging species to chase, and are the perfect introduction to the world of saltwater. This course is the prerequisite to our Ugly Bug Crazy Ladies 301 part 2, which are our women’s specific salt water destination trips.

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