crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming




Bolivia Bound. Meanwhile, those of us in Casper fish through another fall snow storm. I think Blake, Sara, Rex, and Denny had it right by trekking south of the equator to fish.


Golden Dorado is what they are chasing and from the looks of these photos they’ve been successful…

Often, as anglers, we are faced with untimely and unforgiving river conditions. These four arrived in Bolivia to blown out rivers and less than ideal weather. They did not let it stop them. Sometimes you just have to send it! So what’s the takeaway, you ask? The message is that we should never let mother nature spoil the fun! Attitude and willingness are everything in life- and in fishing too.

Whether you’re the type to wait it out or fish it out, the river always provides. While some choose fishing an alternate section of river, others seek an entirely different watershed altogether. We have those options here in Central Wyoming. Between the Mile, the Grey Reef, and the Big Horn there is always somewhere to fish.

So grab your gear and go anyways because you will never catch the fish of a lifetime if you don’t get out and try.

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