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Simms G4Z Waders


Best Zippered Waders 2020 – Review

As soon as the waterproof zipper was introduced, wader makers have toyed with various designs and newer versions of the zippered wader. The zippered option is appealing because it allows an angler the opportunity of disrobing in a much quicker fashion.  By this we mean, you can relieve yourself without completely undressing! Also, this feature allows us to unzip them during a warm day on the river, giving the chance to cool off when needed.

Zippered waders are no stranger in the fly-fishing community and are becoming increasingly popular because of convenience and versatility. Almost every wader manufacturer has its version of the zippered waders. With so many options for this style of waders, choosing the right pair can be difficult. We’ve done our research and hope this helps you decide what zippered waders best fit you! Drumroll please…..

Simms G4Z Zip Front Waders


The Simms G4Z waders are possibly the most durable wades on the market. This new wader design added a fourth layer of Gore-Tex to the bottom half while still leaving the upper with a whopping 3 layers. It’s hard to beat the Gore-Tex fabric! This stuff was made to be tough, providing warmth with breathability.

All materials aside, there are still a huge number of new features we have not seen on previous waders by Simms. Starting at the straps, Simms built wider bands that cover more of the anglers back, thus reducing pressure points. The exterior and interior pockets are also very spacious for tools and however many fly boxes you need to carry. Each pocket is armed with a water-resistant zipper- keeping your tools and hooks safe from moisture. There are also two hand warmer pockets. Each lined with fleece for the colder days on the water. Simms also revealed a new bootie design that fits an angler’s foot more like a sock, increasing comfort, and reducing fatigue for the long days fishing.

The Simms brand is one of the most popular and reliable wader brands that we bring into our shop. From exceptional customer feedback to outstanding warranty, you will not be disappointed choosing Simms.


  • Upper- 3 Layer Gore-Tex
  • Lower- 4 Layer Gore-Tex
  • Zipper– YKK Waterproof Zipper


  • Patented compression-molded stocking feet
  • Breathable air-mesh suspender system
  • YKK waterproof zipper
  • Patented front and back leg seams
  • Patented 2mm abrasion resistant built-in gravel guards
  • Micro fleece handwarmer pockets
  • 3-layer Gore-Tex upper, 4-layer Gore-Tex Lower and seat

Price: $849.95

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip Front


The Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip Front Waders are certainly different in some areas where compared to other waders on the market. Specifically, Patagonia’s choice of materials. Patagonia uses Durable H2No throughout the entire wader while adding a slightly thicker measure for the legs. We have seen Patagonia utilize this material for waders in recent years and we are quite impressed with its durability. Another detail worth mentioning is how Patagonia designed these waders using 100% recycled and responsibly sourced material. This enables the consumer to give back to the environment when choosing the Patagonia wader.

Swiftcurrents are similar in design to the Simms G4Z’s when it comes to pocket placement. There are two hand warmers towards the front, including two water resistant pockets. Two interior pockets give an angler even more space for tools, boxes, tippet, etc.… Adding more to the comfort side of the waders, removable pads on the knee joints make crouching down to change flies or to addressing the fighting fish an easier task.
In terms of comfort and reliability, Swiftcurrent waders are again, one of the best on the market. A great product backed with a lifetime warranty; Patagonia will keep you on the water for years on end!


  • Durable H2No Recycled Polyester microfiber
  • Zipper: YKK Zipper


  • Single seam construction for durability
  • Submersible YKK front zipper
  • Waterproof flip-out pocket
  • Two handwarmer pockets
  • Articulated legs with removable knee pads
  • Anatomical stocking-feet booties

Price $749.00

Sonic-Pro HDZ Waders



As we work our way down into the more affordable, entry level zip front waders, we could not do it without showcasing the Redington Sonic-Pro HDZ Waders. These waders incorporate a no-frills base with useful and proven pocket locations and the TIZIP waterproof zipper to keep you dry. Redington has built a tool dock directly into the waders, for holding nippers, hemostats, and whatever else might strike your fancy. The fleece lined side pockets on both sides come in handy on the cold days, while a pocket on the right side of the chest has just enough room for a smaller fly box or few fly shop pucks.  Sonic Pro HDZ waders are also equipped with a waterproof pocket allowing safe storage for keys, a phone, or anything else you want to keep dry. This feature is fully detachable. To ensure durability, these waders come with 3.5mm thick booties with an additional .5 mm specifically on the soles of the booties to help prevent punctures and leaks. The DWR coated nylon is thick and durable, giving you peace of mind from rips and tears.

All in all, these waders may not have all the comforts of some of the higher end zip front waders, but what they lack in amenities, they make up in price.


  • TIZIP Waterproof Zipper
  • DWR Coated Nylon With Four Layer in the lower legs
  • Ultra-sonic welded seams


  • Removable Water Resistant Pocket
  • TIZIP waterproof Zipper
  • Internal Stash pockets
  • Articulated Knee

Price: $499.99


Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Wader


Finally, we introduce to you the most affordable of the bunch; Hodgman Aesis Sonic Zip Waders. However low on frills, Hodgeman offers a very functional and affordable wader system. Two micro fleece pockets keep your hands warm while the flip-out internal storage pocket will keep your valuables safe with its zippered pocket. Featuring sonic welded seams (similar to Redington waders), Hodgeman rises above and beyond with 5 layer DWR coated nylon in the legs and 4 layers in the chest for breathability. Among the few additional features these waders offer include a suspender system, allowing you to wear these as waist high waders without removing the suspenders. On the very cold days, you have the option to install the CORE INS (removable core insulation system). This system snaps right into your waders as it utilizes Thinsulate insulation to help keep you warm and comfortable. In the absence of breathability, warranty options, and convenient frills of the high-end competitors, Hodgeman offers the most modest price: $399.95.


  • DWR Coated Nylon with 5 layers legs and 4 layer chest
  • Sonic 2.0 welded seams
  • RIRI Waterproof Zipper


  • Waterproof RIRI Zipper
  • Sonic Welded Seams
  • Chest to Waist Convertible Suspender System
  • Anatomically Correct Neoprene Booties
  • Core INS Compatible

Price: $399.95

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