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Current CFS.

  • The Grey Reef is at 500 CFS.
  • The Miracle Mile is at 525 CFS
  • Fremont Canyon is at 75 CFS

Freezing temps and brutal wind have been the name of the game. Fish are still eating, and fishing is good, but keep the fish in the water in these freezing temps to ensure that fish lives.


Worms, leeches, midges, annelids and eggs are all fishing very well.

Recommended Flies:

  • Midges (Pal, McGrubber, Mayhem) Size 18-20
  • RS2 Size 18-20
  • Poxy Back Baetis 18-20
  • Split case BWO 18-20
  • Jujubee Midge 18-20
  • Bird’s Nest Caddis 14-16
  • Trout Beads
  • Egg Patterns
  • Rock Worm 14-18
  • Squirrel Leech
  • San Juan Worm

Streamer Fishing:

Streamers have been fishing well for those stripping and swinging. Try getting them down deep and fish them slow.

Recommended Streamers:

  • Rusty Trombone Size 4-8
  • Articulated Goldie Size Size 4
  • Articulated Ditch Witch Tan
  • Bob’s Silver Bugger

Here at the Ugly Bug we are excited to be your go to fly shop and guide service in Casper, Wyoming, We have lots of availability for guided trips and lodging. Not to mention our online shopping is easy and fast with free shipping on all orders over $50.00 dollars.

Are you a fly tier? Interested in learning how to tie flies? Stop by our Thursday fly tying night, we have a great time and love seeing new tiers and old tiers alike. We also have equipment, materials and tools for you to use. BYOB.



Fly fishing quote of the week:

“To be absolutely certain about something, someone must know everything or nothing about it.”

-Henry Kissinger

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