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Fremont Canyon River Flows

Summer is coming to an end. While the rest of the world is getting ready for sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots, we fisherman are getting ready for blue winged olives, streamers and big trout. The days of waking up to temperatures that warrant starting the truck so it can cool off are coming to an end and the days when we need waders and wool socks to wade fish are starting. Welcome back Fall.

If one were to ask most any fly fisherman what they think of in fall, thoughts of big pumpkin colored browns with flies as long as their hand hanging out of kyped jaws would probably fill their minds. Brown trout spawn in the fall, and before they start taking their places on redds they go on a feeding spree to fuel their escapades in procreation. This eating spree is what makes fall streamer fishing so exciting; hungry browns that are looking for big, filling meals. This magic time is often when we some of the biggest fish of the year.

Streamer fishing is completely different than floating nymphs under an indicator. Takes can be powerful and sometimes visual depending on river conditions. “The tug is the drug” is a good way of describing streamer fishing. There truly is nothing like seeing the toilet-bowl-flush of a large, predatory trout eating a streamer with reckless abandon. Brutal is a good word for streamer eats.

On the complete opposite side of the fly fishing spectrum is the minuscule blue winged olive or baetis. BWO’s are small olive colored mayflies with blue/dun colored wings that usually range in size from #16-18 in fall. They are a staple in fall trout stomachs and provide great, consistent dry fly fishing throughout most of September into October and sometimes even into the first part of November. BWO nymphs can also be very productive during this time of year, as fish are very used to seeing, and eating them.

We still have open days in our lodge and river cabin for September as well as open guides. Give us a call and reserve your trip!

Quote of the day:

“The trout do not rise in the cemetery, so you better do your fishing while you are still able.”

-The Sparse Grey Hackle.