crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Lets get a monthly fly tying news letter under way. My hope is to use this as a platform to give our community updates on fly tying materials techniques and other things of interest in our little world of tying flies.

For our material spotlight I want to introduce Mangum’s Dragon Tail. This tapered chenille type material has gotten the creative juices in the tying industry flowing. The salt water guys love this stuff for tarpon patterns, But us trout peeps have also found it has its very own place in our streamer boxes. This material offers a ton of movement in the water and a great profile. Get creative and have fun. Remember to burn and or super glue each end of this material to keep it from unraveling.Below are some patterns tied up by some of us in the shop to help give you and idea of what is possible. The Dragon Tails are $7.95  for a pack of 5 and come in 11 different colors.