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Fishing Report 05/01/2018

May 1st is here and with it comes great weather and good fishing. We have not yet received our normal April rain showers, but I’m sure they are on the way. Things on the river have been getting buggier and buggier everyday. Switching from your rockworm, leech, and egg rig too some beatis, bwo, and midge patterns may reward you. The weather for the week looks variable in the beginning with some rain but tapers off to a good finish with Saturday looking the best.


Fishing has been productive with eggs being a go to pattern. Leeches,  Annelids,  Midges, Beatis, and Bwo have also been very productive as well. Rigs (6-6.5 feet) having been working well with a B or BB weight.

Recommended Flies:

  • Leeches (Brown, and Natural) Size 10
  • Midges (Pal, and McGrubber) Size 18
  • Eggs (Green, and Red Glo-Bug) Size 16
  • Annelids (Purple) Size 14
  • Barr’s Emerger Size 18
  • Tail Water Tiny Size (20)
  • Split Case Bwo Size (18)
  • JuJu beatis Size (18)

Streamer Fishing:

Recommended Streamers:

  • Rusty Trombone Size 4
  • Articulated Goldie Size Size 4
  • Articulated Ditch Witch Tan

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Fly Fishing Quote of the Day:

“If fishing is religion, fly fishing is high church.”
-Tom Brokaw

Thanks Owen for the fish pics you took with us and for the great words.

“Here’s some photos of the great fish we caught with you.

Thanks again, one of the best trips ever”.

-Owen Locke

owen locke