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In response to a few videos that have surfaced that clearly shows anglers directly targeting spawning trout, we at the Ugly Bug thought a post about proper etiquette during spawning season is necessary. First let’s start with the basics.

What are Redds?

  • Redds are where spawning fish nest.

How to Identify Redds.

  • Areas of small to medium sized gravel that are usually in the shape of an oval.

Where are Redds Located?

  • Usually in riffles with a depth of 1-3 feet and ample current to carry oxygen.
  • Redds are usually located amongst gravel bars where clean water can flow over them.

How do you identify spawning fish?

  • Fish can be seen in larger numbers in shallow water amongst gravel.
  • Fish that are spawning are darker in nature.

What can you do when you see a Redd?

  • Do not walk on areas of shallow water where you can see Redds.
  • Watch where you anchor your boat.
  • Please be careful to not drift over shallow gravel bars where you might disturb spawning fish.
  • Educate fellow Anglers about proper etiquette when fish are spawning.
  • Do not target spawning fish.

Fish that are spawning are also expelling a lot of energy to spawn, so targeting these fish and catching them only causes undue stress to the fish.

When trout spawn and lay eggs on Redds those eggs can take 4-7 weeks to hatch. Trout fry will also exist for a few weeks after the hatch. So, it is very important to leave these areas undisturbed. Please take the time to view the attached photo which clearly show spawning trout stacked on a Redd.

Rainbow trout and Cutthroat trout will do this in the spring and is necessary for the reproduction of trout and the life of our fisheries. As responsible anglers we need to take the time to be aware of spawning periods and the areas in which these fish use to spawn. If we all work together to help educate our fellow anglers on the proper etiquette during the spawn, to take the proper measures that would allow this natural occurring phenomenon to occur year after year. We can guarantee that our fisheries will thrive for years to come. Thank you for your time and fish on!! Just not on Redds.


The Ugly Bug Crew.


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