crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Fishing Update:

Fishing the North Platte this time of year typically means fighting with a little bit of moss. However, the recent plunge in temperatures last week killed off some of the moss making the fishing more enjoyable. This week’s forecast is back in the 80’s and 90’s which is indicative that there is still more summer left to enjoy. A nymph rig set up at 4.5 ft to a No. 1 weight seems to match the current water flows of about 1,500 cfs. Trico hatches are going crazy in the mornings. Fish are rising all over the river making for an excellent opportunity to throw some dry flies. For those of you fishing sub-surface, a few key bugs have been working great. Size 18 Grey and Black Mayhems, Hare’s ear, Macgrubers, and chocolate foam posts are a few of the current hot flies.

Nautilus X Frame Reel:

If you’re hurting for some new equipment or you just want to see what is new in the realm of fishing, the Ugly Bug Fly Shop just received a new shipment of Nautilus Reels. The XL-Max is a sleek reel designed in two colors. The reel will handle large freshwater and small saltwater species, making it versatile for any angler’s needs. In addition to the new reels in stock, we also have some new Kast Extreme Fishing Gear shirts. They will keep you cool and dry out on the water. Come check out all we have to to offer at the Ugly Bug Fly Shop or visit for all your fishing needs!

Nautilus X Frame Reel in Black