crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Are you tired of the same old Cliff Bugger Beast?  Always mixing up your fly box with your buddies?  We have a solution.  Why not have our very own Ty Hallock create a masterpiece on your Cliff Bugger Beast.  Not only is Ty a great fishing guide but he is extremely gifted artist.

Display at ISE...Cliff Bugger Fly Boxes with custom art by Ty Hallock

You may have seen some of Ty’s Artwork in the shop or online.  Ty is always thinking outside the box when it comes to creativity.  This time he took it a little farther with some imagination,  sharpie markers and a Cliff Bugger Beast.  You heard me right all the artwork that you see on those fly boxes was done with a handful of markers and a lot of talent!  These fly boxes are all unique with the fact that no two are the same.  Would you like to have your custom box made? With a picture or description Ty can draw just about anything that will fit on a Bugger Beast.  The Bugger Beast Jr is $75.00 and the Bugger Beast is $95.00.  Both of these fly boxes are are available at the shop or online.