crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming



It is officially “off season” for Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing.  Are you looking for less traffic on the river? How about discounted guided fly fishing or discounted lodging options? Chasing trophy brown trout, maybe? That is what we do in the fall!

Fremont Canyon:

Such a beautiful place to fish any time of year. Fremont Canyon boasts incredibly tall granite walls. Not to mention some great trout. Set your rig at 4-5ft to a BB in weight. A San Juan worm is always a great point fly while smaller midge patters produce on the terminal end. Water flows are 90cfs and reported to remain as such until next spring.

Grey Reef:

Fall fishing on the Famous Grey Reef is a favorite for so many fly fishers. Opportunities for enticing aggressive trout with streamers is always a ton of fun. Get out there and have some fun. Five ft to a BB in weight should do the trick when nymphing. Mayhems, MacGrubers, RS2’s, and pheasant tails are productive. Winter flows are at 450cfs.

If you are looking to streamer fish, try the lower river through Trapper’s Route. Make sure to have Rusty’s, Thin Mints, and Buggers on the ready!

Call the shop with any logistical or technical questions. Our expert staff will turn you on to the right equipment.