crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming



September, Finally! There is so much to love about September. The cooler temperatures, the promise of great fall fishing- seriously, what’s not to love?

The Ugly Bug is stocked with all your go-to items to accommodate your fall fishing adventures. From tactical packs to high power fly rods, we’ve got you covered!

Our bug bins are also stocked with quality flies to make sure you can match the hatch in any season.

Current River Report:

Grey Reef: The Reef is now down to 800cfs and we will continue to see it fall over the coming days until it reaches normal, winter operating flows of 500cfs. Set your rig from 4ft to a BB and pick your favorite caddis and PMD patterns! Bird’s Nest Caddis #16 and a MacGruber PMD #18 will get the job done. As always, have some small black an grey midges on the ready!

Miracle Mile: The Mile is just above500cfs and has not been the easiest of fishing as of late. The Reef has been the most consistent, but if you’re wanting to fish the mile, be sure to have some crawdad patterns and a couple of your favorite streamers on the ready. We recommend the Jackson’s Ditch Witch or the Clouser Crayfish to get you started!

As always, use caution when wading and boating. If you have any questions related to fishing, gear, or guided trips, just call us!