crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Grey Reef is busy this time of year; however, with the absence of spring flushing there is plenty of river to fish. Take advantage by spreading out and fishing a bit lower than normal. This will make for a more pleasant experience for the wade fisher and the drift boat alike. Cable to Cable is still closed for spawning, so be lawful and courteous by staying off the Redd’s. Set your rig anywhere from 5 ft to an BB, Make sure you have the staple patterns at the ready; eggs, leeches, and midges. Don’t be afraid to throw some streamers, too! Here’s an awesome streamer line to use this time of year- SA Sonar Sink 25 Cold 200

Fremont Canyon

With a flow rate of 75cfs, Fremont Canyon is fishing well in the meadow and canyon alike. Selecting small midges and baetis patterns will bring the bounty. Try the hot fly… Mercer’s Epoxy Back Baetis in a size 18.

The Mile is flowing 2017cfs and the fishing is good. Be sure to take your midge box and have some BWO patterns on the ready. Set your nymph.

rig anywhere from 7ft to an AB in weight. As always on the Mile, the rocks are round and mossy! Be careful and take a wading staff or boot studs.

Big Horn

If you are looking to fish the Big Horn, consider going soon as it has been fishing really well. Nothing too fancy. Just some eggs, worms, and sow bugs.  Try this Jig AMEX.