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North Platte
North Platte River Fishing report update
  • The Grey Reef is at 500 CFS.
  • The Miracle Mile is at 560 CFS
  • Fremont Canyon is at 110 CFS

Hello Everyone! We are currently in the middle of the fly-tying season! You can join us every Thursday night starting at 5:30 down here at the Ugly Bug Flyshop. Any skill level is more than welcome to join us, and we can supply tools, vices, and material to tie some bugs! As always, BYOB and we hope to see everyone down here!


The Reef has been the hot spot for anglers looking to get out in the cold, try annelids and midges. The Miracle Mile is still closed due to snow drifts.


Dark colored midges have been very effective, as well as red rock worms and san juans  when on the Reef.

Recommended Flies:

  • Midges (Pal, MacGruber, Mayhem) #18-20
  • RS2 #18-20 (Chocolate, Gray)
  • Rock Worm #14-18
  • San Juan Worm
  • Scuds (Orange and Yellow)
  • Squirrel Leeches #10-14

Streamer Fishing:

The Reef is the place to throw Worms, Midges and Streamers.

Recommended Streamers:

  • Rusty Trombone #4-8
  • Articulated Goldie #4
  • Articulated Ditch Witch Tan, Olive
  • Bob’s Silver Bugger
  • Thin Mint Bugger
  • Nameless Wonder


We are keeping tabs on the Miracle Mile road and will update everyone if we hear any updates of it opening.

Here at the Ugly Bug we are excited to be your go to fly shop and guide service in Casper, Wyoming, we have lots of availability for guided trips and lodging. Not to mention our online shopping is easy and fast with free shipping on all orders over $50.00 dollars.

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Fly fishing quote of the week:

“The great charm of fly-fishing is that we are always learning.” 
~Theodore Gordon