crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


So I took my two little turkeys out fishing today with the great weather.  Broke them out of school and floated for a half day from the Turkey ramp to the bridge.  Started the day by seeing some turkeys on our way in.  It was a great fall sight and the girls thought it was really cool!  Taya and Teagan caught some good fish even with the visibility a little low.  Could see about two feet until Eagle Creek dumps in and the visibility dropped to about a foot or less.  Crawdad fished well with a bunch of leech eats.
Teagan, the youngest is still finding her cast but is picking it up fast.  This is such a great river to teach kids on, only having to cast 10 feet or so.  After our half day of fishing we traveled up to the ranch to release some birds for a afternoon hunt for a guy training his dog.  With the temperature in the low 60’s the day was great and I’m glad I got to spend it with my kiddos! Come on out and enjoy the fall while it lasts!

Tight Lines