crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


Here is an article and video that KCWY 13 did with Blake Jackson about fishing in Wyoming along with the substantial increase in fishing license sales.

Reported By Cristina Pfeffer

This is the eighth year Blake Jackson has been a tour guide for the Ugly Bug Fly Shop in Natrona County.

Every year, Jackson takes in-state, out-of-state and first time fishers out to enjoy the North Platte waters.

This isn’t the first year Jackson has seen an increase of anglers coming to the Cowboy State to fish.

In 2012, over 20,000 fishing licenses were purchased by out-of-state residents, with an extra 15,000 purchased by Wyoming residents.

“The last couple of years we have been on a steady trend of 20 to 30 percent increase of fishing license sales and guest in the lodge and fishing operations,” said Jackson.

Not only has the number of fishing licenses gone up in the county, but also those taking the guided tours.

So far this year, Jackson has had 560 tours, where he is foreseeing close to 1,200 by the end of the season.

But besides the scenic view while fishing in the Platte, there is another reason many travel so far to take a guided tour.

“Fewer people here than you would see on the Madison, or Yellowstone, and much better quality fish, and just overall a better experience,” said Jackson.

Fishing is becoming a booming business for those taking anglers out, but also the counties economy.

“For a minimal amount of money you can fish 365 days a year, and it’s a good deal,” said Robin Kepple, a representative for Wyoming Game and Fish in Casper.

And even those traveling thousands of miles to fish in Wyoming still abide by the law and buy a license.

Out-of-state fishing licenses increased by 50 percent between 2011 and 2012, according to reports from the Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.