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This is an email that we received from Idylwilde today.  This is great news for the fly shops and our customers!!

It’s been a turbulent spring, but I’m pleased to announce that Idylwilde is moving forward with a new manufacturing partner. I will be spending most of July overseas with the Fly Czar setting up our new facility and implementing strict quality controls. We plan on having sample flies in the hands of our sales reps this summer, and saleable quantities of our best selling fall patterns by late August.

We couldn’t have pulled through without you. Your business and your moral support made all the difference. Thank you!

Here’s a link to a more complete update on our blog


Zach Mertens

Founder & CEO

Idylwilde Flies Inc.

9525 NE Colfax Street

Portland, OR 97220

(503) 288-2990 Ext. 4