crazyrainbow fly fishing, Casper Wyoming


When people think of giant Red fish, they typically think of Louisiana. However I was able to experience some unbelievable Red Fishing in Texas. The jetties were loaded up with big bulls on the day I was out. My good friend Ross took us out for what started out to be was just a hung over boat ride. But that soon went away when we saw what seemed to be 15 Big Reds rolling on bait fish. The current had really started to move with the changing tides. This created a feeding frenzy with not just the Red fish, but dolphins, seagulls and pelicans as well. After a few attempts and not connecting, I quickly changed flies and went at them again. Second cast with the new fly the fight was on. It wasn’t the best of conditions but the fishing was great. After a day on the water and spending time with a great friend and family, nothing could have been more fun. Caught some GREAT fish and had a lot of laughs.

Tight Lines,