Fly Rod and Reel (5wt or 6wt fly rod with quality reel that had a strong drag system) with Floating line - 
This is provided as part of the trip if you do not have one.

Waders & Wading Boots without studs in cooler months

Wyoming Fishing License -
This can be purchased either online or at the Ugly Bug Fly Shop

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for Fly Fishing Equipment In Wyoming

 Crazy Rainbow What Fishing Equipment Should I Bring, Casper Wyoming

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing FAQ'S

What Fishing Equipment Should I Bring?

Fly Rod and Reel with Floating line-  This is provided as part of the trip if you do not have one..... READ MORE

How Should I Dress?

Casper's elevation is 5200 feet above sea level. At this elevation the sun is intense and weather can change quickly. Be prepared for a range of temperatures and conditions......READ MORE

What Else Should I Bring?

If you are staying at the lodge, all meals can be provided (dinner upon request). However, if you require any specialty foods please bring those, including any snacks or alcoholic beverages......READ MORE

When is the Best Fishing?

March through October are considered our best months. We do however offer guided fishing trips all year long. The winter fly fishing is some of the best.......READ MORE

What is the Average Gratuity?

Gratuities are what fishing guides rely on to supplement the cost of going to work. A typical guided trip costs the guide around $50 for expenses associated.......READ MORE

Recommended Fly Fishing Tips?

What is the Fishing Season?  What Fly Fishing Leader and Tippet should I use? What is the best Fly Rod and Fly Line?  What about Sinking Fly Line?.......READ MORE


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