The North Platte River has its beginnings in the high mountains of Colorado, entering Wyoming as a freestone river of excellent trout habitat. As the river continues across Wyoming, a series of dams creates tailwaters and a variety of trout fishing scenarios.

Long recognized as a Blue Ribbon trout fishery, the people of Wyoming, along with both state and federal agencies, have worked together to ensure this resource is protected. The North Platte River from the Wyoming line to Casper is managed first and foremost as a trout fishery. Development and livestock grazing are limited, and water flow is closely monitored in order to produce superior trout habitat.

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Guided Wyoming Waters includes
North Platte Blue Ribon Fly Fishing, Grey Reef Tail Waters, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon, and Big Horn River

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing Waters we Guide

Much of the North Platte River runs through the checkerboard land ownership pattern common in western states. The streambank and underlying river bottom along private land is not accessible to the public. Because of this land ownership pattern, private access is a large part of what makes fishing the North Platte with Crazy Rainbow so unique. We own large parcels of land adjacent to the river where our clients can walk/wade and enter and exit the river where ever they please.

Three notable stretches of the river are viewed as prime fly fishing spots: the Grey Reef tailwaters, Fremont Canyon, and Miracle Mile.

The local lakes provide you added Crazy Rainbow Carp Fly Fishing Experience to your trip. Many people compare our Carp fishing to Red fishing on the flats.

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing

Prime Fly Fishing In Wyoming

Grey Reef Fly Fishing

With our private land holdings adjacent to Grey Reef you will enjoy exceptional access to the river, freedom to wade fish whenever you like, and most likely be the first fisherman out on the water.....READ MORE

Miracle Mile Fly Fishing

Miracle Mile is a tail water associated with a series of reservoirs in central Wyoming. The Miracle Mile earned its appellation due to the numbers of trout local fishermen were in the habit of pulling from her waters......READ MORE

Fremont Canyon Fly Fishing

Located on the North Platte River four miles downriver from Pathfinder Dam, Fremont Canyon is historically a place of drama.....READ MORE

Big Horn River Fly Fishing

At the end of the Wind River Canyon the Wind River widens out in an area called the Wedding of the Waters where it becomes the Bighorn River and enters the Bighorn Basin........READ MORE

Carp Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for Carp is a unique experience, one that every fly fisherman should try. These fish will challenge you technically and test your landing skills.......READ MORE


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