Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming

Tyler Soulek

Tyler is originally from Casper, Wy however he has lived in Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, and currently Laramie. He studies pre-medicine at the University of Wyoming and is currently in his senior year at the University. He has been guiding for three seasons now and certainly loves what he does with a tendency to be pretty enthusiastic.
Introduced to fly fishing by his mom while living in Colorado his entire family now is hooked on the sport with several days a year spent on the river.
Tyler loves to hunt and fish when not working along with being an avid sports fan and athlete along with a love for mountain biking. He now runs a charity in Laramie called Project ReCycle and has the opportunity to benefit many families who are in need of a bike!
His easy going temperament makes him a patient teacher for beginners and his enthusiasm can certainly keep even a slow day entertaining.

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