Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming

Nathan Edwards

Nate is born and raised right here in Casper, WY. Nate grew up fishing the river and was introduced to fly fishing from two of his best friends in his early high school career.

It is Joe Scott and Beau Covert he can thank for hopelessly getting him stuck to fly fishing. Guiding full time, it was during this time when Nate fell in love with teaching guests how to fall in love with this sport and show them how rewarding and how fulfilling this escape can be.
After a short sabbatical to Oregon for Optometry school Nate searched for waters that matched that of the North Platte with little success. Nate answered the river’s call and returned with an eyeball education and a thirst to get back on the river.
When not on the river Nate is dreaming of being on the river and tying flies on days that end in “y”. Nate also enjoys the company of his wife, Jenny, and his two Weimaraners, Silvie and Dexter.

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