Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming

Kody Luckow

Kody  was born and raised here in Casper, WY. Growing up I had not only a passion for fly fishing, but baseball as well. I played ball for 13 years before deciding to take my career further and played a year in the small town of Glendive, MT at Dawson Community College. My passion for fishing eventually led me right back to Casper at 19 when I started my guiding career. I grew up fishing in the Absaroka Mountain range outside of Cody, WY fishing small creeks and lakes, and of course enjoying the Platte in my backyard. I tend to think I got most of my fishing genes from the old fish finder called Grandpa. He taught me how to love the outdoors, while having a “hoot” of a time. I think the thing I love most about guiding is the people. No matter what skill, or personality I have in my boat, I always seem to have a great day at “work”. Whether or not we’re searching for the unicorns we call browns, or it’s your first time with a fly rod, we can always laugh at how shaky and excited you get with your first Rainbow. As you will see when we’re on the boat, its amazing how every single fish you catch is unique in its own way! I look forward to seeing you!

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