Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming

Alec Bacon

Originally from Northwest Ohio, Alec’s love of the sport began at a young age chasing bass and panfish in Southern Michigan. Alec’s passion for teaching others began at 16 when spent his summer teaching scouts fishing and fly fishing merit badges which he spent 2 years doing. After those years of teaching and living outdoors Alec soon realized he wanted to pursue a career in the fly fishing industry, so he dropped everything and moved to Wyoming.

What makes you sure to succeed with Alec is his all in attitude, his willingness to go the extra mile and not rest until he’s succeeded. That paired with his upbeat personality and love of teaching others ensures a fun and successful day on the water.

Outside of fishing Alec is always busy finding his next adventure exploring all the west has to offer.



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