Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming
Jan, 12 2019

Take a minute.

When I was a kid I hated waking up for church on Sunday mornings. My brothers and I grew up in a very traditional Lutheran family with one strict rule: you WILL be in church at 8:15 Sunday morning. That was a the rule and try as we might to get out of it, we went. It didn’t matter if you walked through the door at 4 A.M. after a night of crazy shenanigans, you went. Many summer mornings I would wake up with one thing on my mind and that was smallmouth bass chasing emerald shiners across the gravel bars  of the mighty Huron River in Southeast Michigan. I used up every excuse I could come up with and still ended up sitting in a stuffy church on a hard wooden bench day-dreaming of bronze flashes engulfing a clouser minnow and the hard throbbing fight of a pissed off smallie. As soon as I shook the preacher’s hand at the back of the church I was on the river.

While growing up on a river full of hungry smallmouth is a pretty good distraction from church, sometimes we as fishermen overlook the truly incredible experiences and scenery that fuels our passion. Don’t worry, this is not a sermon, but merely a reality check. We see things that most people only watch on the Discovery Channel, and it passes without recognition. Sometimes you just need to stop and take it all in and appreciate your surroundings. It is so easy to get caught up trying to get to that amazing run before the other guy that pulled into the parking lot at the same time. It is so easy to unhook and release a small fish without taking the time to just look at it. You don’t need to carry a bible and read scripture while a carpet hatch is coming off and the trout are rising in such a fury that the water is getting foamy. Just take a minute or two and smell the sagebrush. Watch Tony fall in the river. Admire the markings and coloration of that 12 inch rainbow. Enjoy the struggle of losing a hog brown trout at the net. Just take a minute and enjoy fishing.


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Quote of the Day:

I have been known to fish two droppers off my hopper.”

-Corey Lincoln

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