Map for Fly Fishing at Grey Reef Ranch by Crazy Rainbow in Wyoming

I am a local Wyoming resident of 30+ years, and I have only just now realized that I am living a two hour drive away from one of the best, if not the best, trout fishery in the world. I have been having an affair with the Platte River trout for years now and they have never disappointed me – not once. I have fished all over the world and I always come back to this small stretch of the Platte River in Casper, Wyoming for unforgettable fishing experiences. I enjoy taking my clients and their friends on a Crazy Rainbow guided trip as the guides always have such vast knowledge of where the fish are in a river almost impossible to discern. A little riverside BBQ is always a treat after a hard morning fighting fish. I would not only recommend the Crazy Rainbow guide service, I would say they have provided, and will provide continued memorable experiences of a lifetime. Harvey Jackson – Gillette, Wyoming

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