What should I bring on my wing shooting trip?
Sun block, camera, appropriate clothing such as jeans or field hunting clothing, lightweight waterproof boots.

How long do the hunts last?
The hunt is scheduled for 3 ½ hours

When do I need to show up for the hunt?
We prefer you to show up 15 minutes prior to the hunt!

What size shot do I need for my upland hunt?
Number 5 or 6 is the recommended hunting load.

 Crazy Rainbow What Necessities Should I Bring For Wing Shooting, Casper Wyoming

Do I need a dog?
Yes, it is recommended, but we can rent dogs to guided clients.

Can I rent a gun?
Yes, we rent guns in 12, 20, and 28 gauge for $25.00 per hunt!

Do you sell ammo on site?
Yes, we sell ammo at the pro shop for 12 and 20 gauge guns (upland and waterfowl loads).

Do you except credit cards at the pro shop?
Yes, we do!